Fritz Panzer

Born in 1945 in Judenburg, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna.

Vienna-based artist Fritz Panzer’s use of lines is peculiar as it takes shape both on paper and in the space. Thanks to the wire, the brush and pencil signs on paper assume a three-dimensional nature, where airy and partially incomplete volumes are created and in front of which the viewers are asked to rely on their own memory in order to complete their meaning. 
Since the 70s, the artist has realized sculptures starting from everyday objects on a scale of one to one, therefore the artworks are either a small shoe box, a chair, or an entire kitchen, occupying a considerable space. From drawing to wire sculptures Panzer’s lines thicken and gain substance, while creating very light objects that can be seen through by the viewer and where emptiness is essential: his works play between visible and invisible, conserving volume and density. A wire contour defines space and, at the same time, encloses it giving shape to forms with no materiality and no weight. 
Familiar and everyday objects of different dimensions, such as a chair, a piano, a box, a carton of milk, a kitchen, a car, a shelf are Panzer’s favorite subjects. Very well known elements that offer everyone the possibility of a quick recognition and the enchantment of a completely new experience. 

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