Michele Spanghero

Born in 1979 in Gorizia, Italy. Lives and works in Monfalcone, Italy.

Michele Spanghero is a sound and visual artist. His research focuses on acoustic art (declined in the form of music or sound art) and on visual art in the attempt to find a natural synthesis between these two forms of expression. His research is versatile, yet consistent enough to receive the mention as 'Best young Italian artist' in 2016, according to Artribune magazine.
The methodological approach characterizes his work through a continuous survey of the limits of the media: through the study of music and theater, he has indeed acquired an oblique approach that, usually starting from the sound, becomes instinctively tangential to visual art.The creative act is developed by a reaction to the accumulation of information that surrounds us. From this (formless because always mediated) mass of data, the impulse to research and test a new semantic system of the pre-existing matter begins.

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