Luciana Lamothe

Born in 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Luciana Lamothe's work revolves around the dialect of construction and destruction, a research that she articulates between the poles of architecture and spaces, forms and function.
Her proposal is to find paths where these contradictories ideas come together and arrive at one same result. The process which enables the construction of a form is the same one that creates the destruction of the materials.
In her sculptures, the formal complexity expresses the function, and the simple fact of walking becomes a complex act. Her interest in the ambivalence of the materials in terms of strength and ductility can be clearly perceived. The materials she works with belong to the world of construction; they're solid, resistant and durable, but when all physical pressure is withdrawn, they may become soft and elastic.
Lamothe's work extends into sculpture, assemblage, and installation, and joins the aesthetics of vandalism to the legacy of conceptual artistic practice. Her work interrogates the dialectical relationships between construction and destruction, the social and the anti−social, and −possibly unintentionally − the revolutionary and the merely destructive. Lamothe's interest in spaces and their constituent elements used to construct them also reveals a concern for materialism.
She considers her visual art, and subsequent gateways, to be an attack of the excesses of consumerism and materialism in modern Argentinean society.

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